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Meet our Director of Faith & Family Formation

Cherie Welty - Director of Faith & Family Formation

On behalf of the Rector, Clergy, Ministry teams and Vestry at All Saints Anglican Church in Shreveport, it is my pleasure to announce the addition of Mrs. Cherie Welty as our congregation's Director of Faith & Family Formation. We are thrilled Cherie has joined our growing ministry team!

Over the past year, Cherie has developed a creative and unique ministry to the children and young families of our parish through a Sunday morning ministry we call our "Sunday Morning One Room School House."

Unlike typical Sunday School ministries, which tend to segment children by age group and focus on creating busy work, we believe children are capable of growing and developing into young disciples through the context of intergenerational learning relationships.

As older children are nurtured, learn and grow, they in turn mentor and care for the younger children in their midst. The result of this ministry model has been one of tangible, fruitful engagement with our children's growing faith.

Our Sunday Morning One Room School House is offered each Sunday morning during our 10:30am service of Divine Worship. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful ministry or have any questions specific to Faith & Family Formation at All Saints Anglican Church, please feel free to mail Cherie at

Welcome aboard Cherie!


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