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ASAC Sermons now on Soundcloud

Beginning earlier this month, All Saints Anglican Church ("ASAC") began offering its weekly sermons on Soundcloud, an online streaming service for audio files. You can find the ASAC page by clicking on the following link:

This outreach initiative is part of a new focus at ASAC as a result of a generous gift viewed as "a small investment for a significant impact." The sharing of weekly sermons by ASAC clergy and guest preachers is intended for those who are not able to attend our weekly worship services. Naturally, a live sermon offered in the context of worship is the best and preferred setting for hearing God's Word. However, sometimes life's circumstances prevent us from going to church and we believe God can still use a recorded sermon to bring insight, comfort and wisdom to those listening for God's voice in their lives.

Over the coming months, ASAC will be working towards live streaming our Sunday morning worship services. Stay tuned!


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